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Inner Depths of Me

If your willing to go that far

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I'm Dottie. I have this invisible contract with Livejournal that keeps me updating almost everyday. It's more or less a psychological addiction to the site, but I like to call it a contract. Heh. I love toe socks, and I adore Garfield with all that I am. Pandas happen to my favorite animal, and if you know me, you'll understand this fully. I don't have that exciting of a life, but I try to make due with what I have. As far as music goes I listen to everything in between emo and grindcore metal. I talk about masturbating like it's my job and it takes a lot to embarrass me. I'm a really fun person, I ramble, and I dance. I smile, and I laugh. I cry and I scream. I have issues. There's a lot about me that you could never guess from even a years worth of hanging out with me, and as much as it may seem so, not everything is in my journal.

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