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May 2017

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hehe ;]

Okay, well I went out on a journey yesterday to find a JOB! And I came across a few options but, like I said before, I've really steared my mind toward cake decorating or pastries or something in that feild, so instead of going back into Dollar Tree, or trying to find something JUST for work, I decided to try and persue that. So I applied at grocery stores and places of the sort and well, GIANT just called me :D

There isn't anything official, they just want me to come in and see "how creative I am" hahhahaa, I burp creativity. lmao. She said that culinary school is a plus and they want to see if they can afford to train me and things along those lines and then they'll set up an interview. I'm gonna go in tomorrow at like 7am, because that's when Nancy is there, which is who I need to see. Plus the giant is open 24/7 so I can basically work until whatever, of course the bakery stops production in the wee hours of the night, but that's okay. And I'll have to walk home at night since Lenny will be working, but that's okay too because if I'm working in a bakery..my god I'll be FULL of baked goods! lmao, the walking will do me good. And it's also good since I've been taking walks everyday, my body is prepared to walk...everday and it won't be a struggle :) I really hope that I can get this job, and really, if it's not cake decorater, if it's just a bakery assistant that I can change into decorator, that'll be fine too. I also know that bakery jobs pay a good amount, too, it's hard work. :) *squee* I'm sooper excited :D

-calms down- but seriously, you guys, pray for me or something, lmao, cause I REALLY want this and REALLY NEED this job and it will make me soooo much happier and I won't feel like lazy scum all the time and I can finally talk about my JOB at school because we do it EVERY term. It'll help out Lenny and I's relationship financially too because our finances do sometimes get on our nerves and it kinds of puts kinks in our happiness sometimes. If this doesn't work out, I'll just end up having to settle for anything at this point, I mean, it's been a YEAR since I've had a job, and I ALWAYS had a job from the day I turned 14. Hmpf.

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Cross dem fingers

WOw. A Job as a cake decorator :) That sounds really great GOOD LUCK