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May 2017



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May. 27th, 2017


Dream Hello

I am awake on my Saturday off at 7am. I was dreaming last night that I was at a party for the psychiatric clients at work. There is one client who I talk to every day, and he can be nice. In my dream he wouldn't stop talking to me, then he started calling me beautiful and would stand so close to me that his body would touch me. For some reason his clothes were soaking wet, so I called for a nurse. I said "can someone help me, please?" and the room felt like it was getting smaller. No one came to help me, but they started lining up the clients to leave, and one by one they said goodbye to me. I saw Jessica Power in line, and I had $53 in my hand. I placed it on the table, and she immediately picked it up and mumbled something under her breath. I think she said "it will be okay". And I put my head down, staring at the floor, I hear "Hey", and I knew exactly who it was. It was Ron. I looked up and he was standing in front of me, and I rushed in to hug him, and I felt myself start to cry, but I looked back up and it wasn't him anymore. It was someone dressed up like him, and I woke up right away, real tears streaming down my face.

That's why I'm awake at 7am on my Saturday day.

Jun. 3rd, 2010


I need a break.

I just need a sign that I'm doing everything right. I need some help, somewhere. I'm financially crippled and it's making me go insane. This is not where I want to be at 22 years old right now. I'm really hoping that by the time I'm 25, I'll be in my own house.

Reggie's sister just settled for a ton of money, and she's buying him a car. I'm so glad that she is, because he desperately needs one! The crazy thing is, I just went to get a tune-up today, and found out my wheels are clicking because my struts are bad. And that's not a cheap fix. It's really frustrating that good and bad always even itself out to be exactly the same. Something good happens, and then something equally shitty happens so that nothing ever gets anywhere. I'm finally almost about to pay off one of my loans, but another one begins interrupting my payments to pay them, and now I'm collecting interest on the one I've almost payed off, so now I'm still stuck paying all of this fucking money, and for what? A shitty fucking job?! And I went job hunting last week, and got no where. This is bullshit.

But oddly enough, I've been in a good mood the past two days. I just don't know what to do from here. I'm trying to save money, but I've gotta keep my car running well because without a car, I don't have a job...and the list goes on. I need a break somewhere.

I entered my mom in the raise contest;


If you can read my story and vote, I'd be super appreciative. My family has been stuck on dead end for like 15 years now, and we really need this. It's so sad.

I'm a good person. I really really am.

Apr. 6th, 2010



RIP Flame. This isn't a great start to vacation. sigh. Im really sorry for Reggie, I can only hope I will be able to help him through this.

Nov. 16th, 2008


I am more than honored.

So, a few months ago I wrote about drawing tattoo's for my chef, Brad. Well, last night, he went about, and GOT ONE OF THEM. So now, I am honored to say that someone has MY ART tattooed on their body.

It's a big picture, but here it is. :)

It's simple but it's meaningfulCollapse )

I've never felt more happier! lol.

Mar. 28th, 2008


Pictures and things

So here is the picture of the cakes I've been talking about!


Basically, it's what I want to do. So, if you can help me out with cakes that'd be awesome. If you want me to make you a cake, I will, but after driving to VA I don't think I can do anymore "free" cakes, but I won't be charging an arm or leg since I've just begun my cake ventures I just need to beef up my portfolio for now so I'll probably just charge for supplies or something.

I think I want to move into a bigger apartment or one with a way better kitchen because I have NO SPACE here, WHATSOEVER! It was SO hard to get the chainsaw cake made because I didn't have any space to work with it, ugh. It would be 10x better if I had more room to work. I wanted to stay here until I could get into a house but I don't want to wait that long! I know apartments are no investment because you're not getting anything out of the deal, but still, we have the money to afford a little more rent...I don't know. This sucks.

Well I have to get ready for work :C See ya latorz

Jun. 12th, 2007


Mr. Carey, sir

Oh - Just watched The Number 23 with Jim Carey (love that man!) And it was absolutely incredible, I don't understand what all the bad reviews were about. It was so intense and the ending was perfect, really, he plays all roles very well. I loved him in, well, every movie he's ever played a role in. Of course, I probably haven't seen every single movie he's ever played in but I'm taking a chance here and saying I'll probably like them. :)

well, then..Collapse )

Jun. 2nd, 2007



a nice deep RELAXED BREATH.

My electric bill is down to 28$!!! OH god I'm so happy..We're finally caught up with all of our bills, I have a job, everything is lookin up. Except we're still using my moms truck and the neon is still in lockdown, hmpf. I hope they didn't chuck it..I'll call monday.

Man, we need vehicles. But I'm not too worried about it right this moment.

Work has been hectic because of all the graduations and everyone ordering cakes >.< But it's been great :} And I loooove getting paid every week. <3

Back to cleaning my apartment and such..my lease is up next month and I have to make sure my landlord will let us stay for another 8 mo's or so o.0;;;

:} I love thunderstorsm, btw

Jun. 1st, 2007


ha ha!

My check from cashcrate for $50.18 was sent out today..I should get it in a few days and I'll show all of you that it's REAL. fuckers.

Anyway, My electric was shut off for the past 2.5 days..late payment..and they wanted $250! We had to get Lennys Dad to pay it so we'd have electric :C It was SCARY, I slept the whole time it was dark because I'm sooo afraid of the dark its not even funny :C

Work..IS AWESOME! I love it..I've only been there a week and the store manager has already recieved good comments about me from customers, hahahah! I'm so awesome..and my cakes look GREAT! :) Its good stuff. Plus I was only working like 3-4 days a week for like 4 hours a day but I talked to my manager yesterday and she wasnt sure how many hours I wanted but now she's gonna give me a bunch more :} I'm so excited..I get my first paycheck today! Granted it won't be much cause I didn't work a lot last week, but it'll be awesome..feeling that check and knowing ITS MINE! I missed working...and now I'm doing something I really love..:)

School...is hard! I've been on the brink of failing every quiz I've taken so far :C It sucks. I havent had the internet for a few days so I wasnt able to do some of my work but I'll get it up to date this weekend and see how next week is :P

But other than all of that...I hope the weather stays nice today, I have to walk to and from work today. I like walking but not when its 95 degrees outside :C I stayed at work an extra 2 hours to wait til it cooled down yesterday..I love the people I work with :)

And that's all folks!

May. 27th, 2007


it was 90 degrees today

virtually donate 1$ to me by signing up and doing 1 offer! [click here]

woot. My new job is GREAT! It's a lot more tiring than I thought it would be, but that's probably because I'm not used to working so much XP Anywho, my title is "bakery clerk" hehe and they threw me DIRECTLY into decorating and I've iced about 100 cakes so far [shwew!] but they left me in the bakery alone for about an hour and was just like "decorate these memorial cakes" so I was covered in red/white/blue icing all day XP The only problem is standing is hell on my back and plus alot of people want us to write on premade cakes and I'm so concious about my handwriting especially with icing, so I've only done 1 and somehow I can't bring myself to do it..I'll get it eventually I've just gotta practice my icing cursive >.> It kinda makes me not want to go back to school -_-;; But I'm gonna finish if it takes all that I've got!!

Ugh. Flies in Lancaster are BAD and they are ANNOYING! I've killed like 20 (ewwwW)

Lenny and I saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 on friday and it was 3 hours long >.<;; but I really liked it..a lot of people said they didn't like it, but it was really good and a lot of the times you think "wow I can't believe they did that this sucks" but then something good comes out of it and your like "OHHHH okay wow thats awesome!" lol There is a good chance they will make a 4th one.

Ummm..I didn't write my report for Italy :X

hmm..I guess that's about all..except I'm extremey jealous of this community I'm in because the owner JUST found out about cashcrate (the referal thing I'm trying to get everyone to do for me) and she had 500 of her members sign up out of like 10,000 and make 500$ last month..whereas I made 50$. I was pissed cause ITS NOT FAIR! No one trusts me that it's real because it's the internet and everthing on the internet is a scam..but I keep trying to tell people this isn't and I'm suffering because I could be making HUNDREDS OF FREE DOLLARS but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. AHCK. Envy is my weakness it truly is.


May. 12th, 2007



Okay okay okay. I talked to Nancy, the bakery manager...ANNNNND! I got a job. BWAHAH.

Okay, not as cake decorator, but that's okay. It's a dough plating job for now, but on the weekends she's going to train me in decorating and eventually move me into that job, which is OKAY with me! Wooptie Woopt! I'm really excited about it :D

Um, yeah...I would say more, but I'm cleaning. I just wanted to get it out. <333

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