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June 2010

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I need a break.

I just need a sign that I'm doing everything right. I need some help, somewhere. I'm financially crippled and it's making me go insane. This is not where I want to be at 22 years old right now. I'm really hoping that by the time I'm 25, I'll be in my own house.

Reggie's sister just settled for a ton of money, and she's buying him a car. I'm so glad that she is, because he desperately needs one! The crazy thing is, I just went to get a tune-up today, and found out my wheels are clicking because my struts are bad. And that's not a cheap fix. It's really frustrating that good and bad always even itself out to be exactly the same. Something good happens, and then something equally shitty happens so that nothing ever gets anywhere. I'm finally almost about to pay off one of my loans, but another one begins interrupting my payments to pay them, and now I'm collecting interest on the one I've almost payed off, so now I'm still stuck paying all of this fucking money, and for what? A shitty fucking job?! And I went job hunting last week, and got no where. This is bullshit.

But oddly enough, I've been in a good mood the past two days. I just don't know what to do from here. I'm trying to save money, but I've gotta keep my car running well because without a car, I don't have a job...and the list goes on. I need a break somewhere.

I entered my mom in the raise contest;


If you can read my story and vote, I'd be super appreciative. My family has been stuck on dead end for like 15 years now, and we really need this. It's so sad.

I'm a good person. I really really am.