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May 2017

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Pictures and things

So here is the picture of the cakes I've been talking about!



And then my Chocolate fest Entry which everyone has seen already but I'll post it again anyway because I'm putting it into my portfolio


Basically, it's what I want to do. So, if you can help me out with cakes that'd be awesome. If you want me to make you a cake, I will, but after driving to VA I don't think I can do anymore "free" cakes, but I won't be charging an arm or leg since I've just begun my cake ventures I just need to beef up my portfolio for now so I'll probably just charge for supplies or something.

I think I want to move into a bigger apartment or one with a way better kitchen because I have NO SPACE here, WHATSOEVER! It was SO hard to get the chainsaw cake made because I didn't have any space to work with it, ugh. It would be 10x better if I had more room to work. I wanted to stay here until I could get into a house but I don't want to wait that long! I know apartments are no investment because you're not getting anything out of the deal, but still, we have the money to afford a little more rent...I don't know. This sucks.

Well I have to get ready for work :C See ya latorz


Re: Its amazing

lol, thanks adam, I think you'll be famous for something RIDICULOUS, like a peace prize or something..and you have to at least publish one book because when you write it's like something else I swear. I'm so excited to start a cake portfolio, and get myself out there, and I might not even take it anywhere..I might just make it for myself and build from the ground up until I'm so high the world has no choice but to recognize me. :)