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May 2017

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ha ha!

My check from cashcrate for $50.18 was sent out today..I should get it in a few days and I'll show all of you that it's REAL. fuckers.

Anyway, My electric was shut off for the past 2.5 days..late payment..and they wanted $250! We had to get Lennys Dad to pay it so we'd have electric :C It was SCARY, I slept the whole time it was dark because I'm sooo afraid of the dark its not even funny :C

Work..IS AWESOME! I love it..I've only been there a week and the store manager has already recieved good comments about me from customers, hahahah! I'm so awesome..and my cakes look GREAT! :) Its good stuff. Plus I was only working like 3-4 days a week for like 4 hours a day but I talked to my manager yesterday and she wasnt sure how many hours I wanted but now she's gonna give me a bunch more :} I'm so excited..I get my first paycheck today! Granted it won't be much cause I didn't work a lot last week, but it'll be awesome..feeling that check and knowing ITS MINE! I missed working...and now I'm doing something I really love..:)

School...is hard! I've been on the brink of failing every quiz I've taken so far :C It sucks. I havent had the internet for a few days so I wasnt able to do some of my work but I'll get it up to date this weekend and see how next week is :P

But other than all of that...I hope the weather stays nice today, I have to walk to and from work today. I like walking but not when its 95 degrees outside :C I stayed at work an extra 2 hours to wait til it cooled down yesterday..I love the people I work with :)

And that's all folks!