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June 2010

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it was 90 degrees today

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woot. My new job is GREAT! It's a lot more tiring than I thought it would be, but that's probably because I'm not used to working so much XP Anywho, my title is "bakery clerk" hehe and they threw me DIRECTLY into decorating and I've iced about 100 cakes so far [shwew!] but they left me in the bakery alone for about an hour and was just like "decorate these memorial cakes" so I was covered in red/white/blue icing all day XP The only problem is standing is hell on my back and plus alot of people want us to write on premade cakes and I'm so concious about my handwriting especially with icing, so I've only done 1 and somehow I can't bring myself to do it..I'll get it eventually I've just gotta practice my icing cursive >.> It kinda makes me not want to go back to school -_-;; But I'm gonna finish if it takes all that I've got!!

Ugh. Flies in Lancaster are BAD and they are ANNOYING! I've killed like 20 (ewwwW)

Lenny and I saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 on friday and it was 3 hours long >.<;; but I really liked it..a lot of people said they didn't like it, but it was really good and a lot of the times you think "wow I can't believe they did that this sucks" but then something good comes out of it and your like "OHHHH okay wow thats awesome!" lol There is a good chance they will make a 4th one.

Ummm..I didn't write my report for Italy :X

hmm..I guess that's about all..except I'm extremey jealous of this community I'm in because the owner JUST found out about cashcrate (the referal thing I'm trying to get everyone to do for me) and she had 500 of her members sign up out of like 10,000 and make 500$ last month..whereas I made 50$. I was pissed cause ITS NOT FAIR! No one trusts me that it's real because it's the internet and everthing on the internet is a scam..but I keep trying to tell people this isn't and I'm suffering because I could be making HUNDREDS OF FREE DOLLARS but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. AHCK. Envy is my weakness it truly is.